The CIMC, under the supervision of the OIC, Library Services, houses the AV materials, equipment and materials needed by the academic departments in their teaching-learning instructions.

Science Laboratory Rooms and Stockroom

There are two science laboratories and one stockroom under the supervision of the OIC, Laboratory Services.  These rooms are used for investigatory works and experiments. Laboratory apparatus and chemicals are kept in stockroom for safer storage.

Speech Laboratory

The school has a Speech Laboratory that is open to all levels.  College students are requires using this facility for their English and/or Speech classes.  They are provided with their own booth with communicating and recording instruments to develop their fluency in the English and/or any other foreign languages.

Internet Laboratory

The Internet Laboratory is equipped with multi-media resources for research purpose as an effective tool to facilitate instruction and for world-wide communication.  To pursue this aim, the Computer Laboratory imposes the following rules and regulations:

St. Monica Cuisine

St. Monica Cuisine serves as the cooking laboratory of the Tourism students. It has adequate equipment, tools, glassware and dinnerware for cooking and baking. Here, future chefs enhance their skills and competencies in the culinary arts to prepare them for international exposure.

St. Ambrose Hall

This is a multipurpose hall for student’s functions, programs and other activities which can accommodate about 500 persons. It can also be used as venue for seminars and workshops of outside agencies upon request.

Café Adeodatus (on-the-making)

For tourism students with Bar Service Management subject, Café Adeodatus serves as their practicum center. This café also serves snacks and drinks to students at affordable price.

Barcelo Resort Hotel

Barcelo Resort Hotel has a suite and a standard room where guests and visitors of the school and the parish are billeted. This is used as the Housekeeping Laboratory of the Tourism and HRM students.


It is located just upon entering the main gate where student, teachers and co-workers may begin and end the day in prayer or communication with the Lord.


This is where big assemblies are held and is found on the second floor of the Sta. Monica Cafeteria.


The amphitheatre is located in the second floor of the College building.  A theatre liked built to be the setting of various college programs, performance and activities.

Mo. Teresa Andrada Gymnasium

This is found just at the side of Our Lady of Consolation Square, providing a sport facility and for the students’ physical exercises.