La Consolacion College-Pasig is a Catholic co-educational institution run by the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC), a congregation established and founded by Mother Rita and Mother Consuelo Barcelo y Pages, Spanish cloistered nuns from Barcelona, Spain.

Situated in a 2.1-hectare lot along Mercedes Avenue, San Miguel, Pasig City, the school was founded in response to the growing need of the community and its neighboring areas for a Catholic school in the locality.

It was in June, 1993 when the school began its operation with a total of 112 pupils distributed from Kinder 1 to Grade 4. Sister Gerolinda Tingson, OSA was the first principal with four pioneering teachers including Sister Victoria Gan, OSA as Kindergarten teacher.

Anticipating an increase in the student population, the first three-storey building was expanded for more classrooms. Towards the end of school year 1993-1994, the building extension was finished. In the same year, the school chapel named after Our Lady of Consolation was built through the generosity of Mr. Charles Lee and family who sold the school site to the OSA sisters.

During school year 1994-1995, LCS-P had a remarkable increase in enrolment from 112 to 665. Consequently, 15 new teachers were hired with Sister Brenda Fullon, OSA as OIC for Administrative Services and Sister Victoria Gan, OSA as Coordinator of Student Services. Later on, two more Sisters joined, namely; Sister Presentacion Gentica, OSA and Siter Erlinda Tarlac, OSA as the new principal. With her leadership the school set-up was restructured. The elementary course was completed and the secondary course opened for first year to third year.

In school year 1995-1996, the high school course was completed with Sister Teresita Azaňes, OSA as the new principal. With her initiative, the ASOLC foundational statements were further disseminated and discussed among the personnel, students and their parents. More activities for personnel and student formation and development were promoted through participative planning, consultation and delegation of responsibilities

Much has been exerted to develop the instructional program to ensure holistic formation of students through the Congregational Evaluation Visits (CEV).

Under the leadership of Sr. Editha S. Zerna, OSA, La Consolacion College-Pasig strived to improve its program services for its growing student populace. In its effort to keep abreast of the recent educational trends, the school submitted itself for the initial and formal visit by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). These attempts were made to upgrade the different areas of school operation such as Philosophy and Objectives, Faculty, Instruction, Library and Instructional Media Center, Student Services, Administration, School and Community Relations and Physical Plant.

In school year 2004-2005, La Consolacion College-Pasig opened its door to the College Department under the leadership of Sr. Editha S. Zerna, OSA as the President. Courses offered are Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Nursing. There were 24 freshmen college students distributed in different courses. The direction set for this school year was also geared towards the intensification of activities and programs of the Basic Educatio Department for the PAASCU formal survey.

To continue improving its physical plant, the school chapel was redesigned in December 2004. The main altar was renovated with gold cornice and moldings as en encasement of Our Lady of Consolation and St. Augustine. While the High School Department was moved to the new Mo. Carmen Building since the MO. Consuelo Building was occupied by the College Department.

This Academioc Year, the College commemorated her 11th Foundation Day on February 24-25, 2005, the groundbreaking of La Consolacion College-Pasig nineteen (19) years ago. Also, this is to give way to the College Department to participate in all the institutional activities of LCC-P.

In Academic Year 2005-2006, Sr. Diosie T. Tangca-ag, OSA was appointed as the Assistant to the Principal but was assigned as Principal of the Basic Education Department to train her in administration and supervision in LCC-P set-up by Sr. Editha S. Zerna, OSA.

Moreover, on September 22-23, 2005, the Basic Education Department underwent Formal Survey of the PAASCU and on December 12, 2005, the school was granted PAASCU accredition.

LCC-Pasig continues to promote a transformative education that forms and develops individuals to be Christ and others-centered, productive and responsive members of the Church and the society that is struggling to combat social evils that disintegrate the human person from the reign of God on earth.

Year 2008 was a year of triumph for the school. While much reverie climaxed the celebration of LCCP’s Foundation, it was also a year of continuous progress. The four storey Barcelo Resort was constructed to cater the students of the newly opened course, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. It will serves as practicum House of BSHRM and later BSBA students. It was also during the year that the school launched the commemorative book, Incessant La Consolacion – Pasig, authorized by Ms. Leandel S. Labit.

In 2010, the school welcomed the new President, Sr. Gerolinda Tingson, OSA and the newly appointed principal, Mrs. Josephine V. Palma, MAED. It was also in this same year that the school received a 5 year Level II Re-Accreditation Status.

An on-going upgrade of the facilities featured the year 2011, the school embarked on a large scale project called GENYO, a fully integrated on-line e-learning system. Simultaneously, the Thagaste dormitory was also constructed for lodging of some students and personnel.

Also in this year, the school hosted the 35th Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference, accommodating hundreds of schools all over the National Capital Region.

Over the following years, not only did the school improve the facilities, services and instructions, it also strengthened its community outreach and environmental advocacies, actively involved on Run for Pasig River, Tree Planting, Immersion Programs, Free Clinic and also offered free pre-school education and short courses for parents of the adopted communities.

In 2012, Sr. Erlinda E. Tarlac, OSA took over the office as the school’s President. With her headship, the spirituality of the whole community was reinforced, starting off with the formulation of the Augustinian Core Values, followed by initiating a school tradition in the form “LaCon Nino,” a celebration commemorating the Sto. Nino Festival.

La Consolacion College Pasig on the 20th year is steadfast in meeting and realizing the challenge of Renewed Integral Evangelization, in great hope that it will convey just, competent and enduring service to the community.