School Organizations and Club

1. Classroom Organization

Each class elects a set of classroom officers who act as the official representative of the class and help the adviser and teachers in enforcing the school rules and regulations.

2. Student Coordinating Body (SCB)

In the grade school department, this is a set of officers duly elected by pupils from Grade 4 to Grade 6 to undertake various activities and coordinate with other organizations/agencies geared towards promoting the general welfare of the pupils.

The SCB officers together with their adviser and the Principal shall make decisions, policies and steps for implementation of their programs and projects and shall manage their own funds accordingly.

3. The Consolinian

This is the official publication of the grade school department.  Through this the pupils are given opportunities to develop their power of self-expression and creative talents in writing.

4. LCC-P Varsity

The program encourages pupils to pursue their interest in the field of sports and strive to the best.  The varsity players impart knowledge that is applicable not only to sporting activities but to any activity that involves hard work, dedication and perseverance.  It also develops sportsmanship and friendly competition among schools.


School's Clubs

1. Augustinian Youth Club

Promotes spirituality, unity and fellowship through different programs and activities among the members, the school and the community.

2. Commentators-Lectors Guild (ComLec)

This club is organized to train its members to proclaim the word of God in all the masses given by the school.  It helps the students to manifest self-discipline and be responsible through Bible sharing and religious activities.

3. Knights of the Altar

The Knights of the Altar is a religious group centering on rendering service in the celebration of the sacraments most especially the Holy Eucharist.  It is focused on molding each and every member to be a model follower of Christ.



  • to reach out to the youth who are oftentimes seeking impressive experiences;
  • to assist the youth in discovering and accepting himself to respond maturely to his roles at home, in school, in the Church, and in the community.
  • to guide the youth in developing an authentic Christian leadership patterned after the life of service of Mother Mary and the apostles.

4. Junior Math Club/SIPNAYAN CLUB

The Junior Math/Sipnayan Club is offered to pupils/students who have the inclination and interest to learn and perform different mathematical activities.  The club posts a challenge to each member to perform activities geared towards the development of his/her mathematical skills through logical thinking, computation and problem solving.


  • to promote the value of cooperation, unity and harmonious relationship among the club members;
  • to develop creativity and resourcefulness;
  • to share one’s knowledge/skills about mathematics among the children in the adopted community of the school.

5. Young Breakthroughers Club

This club provides the members opportunities to explore the world of science and technology in simple discussions and experiments that complement their science classroom instruction.


6. Kamalayan Club

Ang Samahang Kamalayan ay nakapagbubuo ng kaalaman at pang-unawa sa bayan at sa kapaligiran na kanyang ginagalawan.


7. Teatro Agustino

Ang samahang ito ay nakapagbubuo ng kaalaman sa teatro.  Dito ay naipakikita at naibabahagi and natatanging talent sa iba’t ibang larangan ng pag-arte sa entablado.

8. Young Computer Wizards Club GS/HS

The Young Computer Wizards Club is offered to pupils who have the interest and inclination in developing their skills and knowledge in computer.  Through hands-on experience provide for, the pupils would somehow develop computer literacy ahead of the others.



  • to enhance positive traits like discipline, creativity and confidence in the performance of activities;
  • to develop knowledge, skills and values and good attitude while exploring the wonderful world of computer.
  • to produce worthwhile computerized output.

9. Book Lover’s Club

The club is offered to provide students to find time in enhancing their ability in the art of reading.  The members will be familiarized with the library resources and experience satisfaction of giving service to other students.


10. Young Homemakers Club

The club is designed to develop individual skills in planning and budgeting meals and preparing techniques in cooking.  It provides opportunities for the development of personal traits and social discipline.


11. Drum and Lyre

The Drum and Lyre provide the students opportunities to explore the world of music through Drum and Lyre instruments that will spearhead Institutional Activities and Festivities


12. Arts Club

The Arts Club is open to pupils who have great interest in the field of arts as well as to those who would want to improve their sense of artistry.  Enjoyable club education activities such as drawing, coloring, lettering, and painting will enhance the pupils’ skills in arts and will help them express their thoughts, ideas and experiences.



  • to gain broader knowledge about the different forms of arts;
  • b. enhance the talents of the members through projects making and relevant outputs;
  • to involve themselves in varied activities of the school through contributing ideas and in making creative designs and decorations;
  • to share the learned skills in the adopted community of the school.

13. Glee Club

The club is offered to develop the talents or musically inclined pupils.  It trains a choral group for the school’s Eucharistic celebrations and other programs.

14. Recreational Sports

In pursuit of developing the pupil’s potential and interest in the field of sports the Sports Club is formed.  It has task of developing the child’s physical, social, mental and emotional aspects through well-organized sports activities.




  • to value sportsmanship as the core of acquiring different game strategies through active participation;
  • to develop and gain camaraderie among members by participating in various games;
  • to acquire skills in game strategies.

15. Dance Club

The Dance Club is offered to develop the talent and skills of students in dancing so that students express themselves through dancing.  It also provide students the opportunity to perform dances of various styles and to choreograph if they want.  To recognized and participate in various school activities.